Bachelor of Science in Applied Physics

You're interested in the fundamental laws of nature from the smallest to the largest scales, from the tiniest building blocks of matter to the entire universe? But you also have a keen interest in applying what you've learned to practical technical applications? Then the Bachelor's program in Applied Physics (with a focus on Computer Science) is the perfect choice for you.


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What to expect in the program

The program is based on a balanced combination of physical and engineering content, with a focus on computer science in the latter.

  • Experimental Physics
  • Foundations of Computer Science
  • Electronics, signal processing and mechanics
  • Internships in the lab and/or industry


The physics lectures cover all relevant topics in experimental physics, from mechanics and electrodynamics to quantum mechanics and particle physics. In addition, basic knowledge of theoretical physics and mathematics is taught - but not in the same depth as in conventional physics courses. Alongside this scientific program, students acquire basic skills in engineering. A major focus is placed on introductory lectures in computer science, such as programming and software development, supplemented by other technical aspects such as an introduction to electronics, signal processing, or technical mechanics and design principles. Numerous laboratory internships, optionally also in industry, complement the diverse lecture program


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Flexible entry

Mainz offers ideal conditions for studying Applied Physics: All physics and engineering courses are offered in the same department and are optimally coordinated. The start of the program is possible in both the winter and summer semesters, as practically all courses are offered each semester. A voluntary refresher course in school mathematics (bridge course) is offered three weeks before the start of lectures. In the first semesters, tutorials in experimental physics and mathematics facilitate the entry into the program.


Science and research

After the second year of study, students come into contact with the scientific research groups in physics and computer science and learn about their current research. As part of the Bachelor's thesis, which they can conduct either in one of the university's research groups or in the context of the private sector, they actively participate in current high-end research projects. After completing the Bachelor's degree in Applied Physics with a focus on Computer Science at JGU, graduates are ideally equipped for their further careers: On the one hand, they can continue with one of the different specializations (Data Science, Material Science, Quantum Science) in the developing Master's program 'Applied Physics' at JGU. On the other hand, they are well-trained to directly enter the workforce and take on applied research tasks in an industrial environment.


Application deadline

The application deadline is September 1st for starting in the winter semester and March 1st for starting in the summer semester.


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Bachelor of Science in Applied Physics