Program structure – Master of Education Physics

The teaching degree program “Master of Education Physics” consists of Physics and one other specialist field. Besides attending courses on teaching methodology for their respective subject, students also register for Education Studies. The standard period of study is four semesters.

During the first and third semester, students participate in two specialization lectures from the fields of experimental and theoretical physics as well as an advanced lab course. In the third semester, the knowledge already acquired will be supplemented with interdisciplinary concepts and applications. Until the end of the third semester, students will also take lecturse on teaching methodology, a lab course and an advanced seminar.

Specialization modules

First to second semester

  • Specialization in experimental and theoretical physics (lectures and tutorials)

Teaching methodology

First to second semester

  • The evolution of theory and research in teaching methodology, basic experiments conducted in Physics courses, opportunities in experimental technical work (lecture, internship and advanced seminar)

Advanced lab course

Third semester

  • Experiments in atomic and molecular physics, molecular spectroscopy, solid-state physics, nuclear physics, optics and measurement technology

Interdisciplinary concepts and applications

Fourth semester

  • Cross connections between the physical sub-field and other branches of natural sciences
  • Structure and concepts
  • Applied physics and engineering physics

Study schedule

Studienverlaufsplan Master of Education Physik

You will find more information on the modules and courses in the respective examination regulations and module catalog. All documents are available in the download center.