Teaching degree program Computer Science (Bachelor und Master of Education)

There is almost no professional activity that qualifies you to contribute to the future to the same extent as teaching: Today’s students will shape the world for the next 70 to 80 years. Decisive factors include professional competence, the ability to convincingly communicate with students, the ability to quickly resolve conflicts as well as psychological resilience.

Computer Science is (and will remain) without a doubt the subject with the highest demand for specialist teachers, followed by Physics and Mathematics. Throughout the teaching degree program, you will focus on two specialist fields (the subject Computer Science can currently only be combined with Mathematics and Physics) as well as Education Studies within the degree program Bachelor of Education. You will then end your university education by completing the Master of Education degree program. Following this, you will go on to complete a teacher traineeship at a school.

The Computer Science degree program in Mainz is known for its high practical orientation: The process of completing internships and visiting schools is integrated into courses, practical and teaching-methodological modules are taught by teaching methodologists, selected secondary school teachers and seminar leaders. Students also have the opportunity to participate in various innovative courses.

The teaching degree program builds on an education in computer science, which starts at the same time as the Bachelor of Science Computer Science program. On the basis of this, it is expanded with special courses that are geared towards the teaching degree program. After the first semesters, students can easily transfer between the programs Bachelor of Science Computer Science and the Computer Science teaching degree. The excellent staff-student ratio is a great advantage for the courses geared towards the teaching degree. Students will not only attend practically-oriented courses on Computer Science didactics, but also Education Studies that provide a more comprehensive orientation, enabling students to learn about aspects that are vital for their future career in teaching. Our simple recognition system enables students to transfer to Mainz from other universities and also transfer their credits acquired from semesters abroad.

The program consists of the 6-semester Bachelor’s degree program and the complementary Master’s degree program that lasts for 4 semesters. At the Johannes Gutenberg University (JGU), students can also study Computer Science as a third subject within the context of a certificate degree program. This degree program does not have to be combined with the subjects Mathematics or Physics.