Studying Physics at JGU

Lecture hallThe students of our faculty benefit from an unusually wide range of research opportunities, providing them with the opportunity to choose from more than 50 research groups. Even our Bachelor students can actively make scientific contributions, both locally as well as at leading global research institutes. Many research groups offer paid jobs, helping students to support themselves and at the same time providing insights into the exciting world of science. During the Master’s degree program and the doctorate program, our students benefit from a number of unique programs that are offered by the MAINZ school of excellence, the PRISMA cluster of excellence, the Research Training Group and the nearby Max Planck Institute for Chemistry and Polymers Research.

Studying Physics at JGUWhile Mainz is famous for its strong focus on research, the excellent lecturer to student ratio allows for a remarkably wide range of lectures. Thanks to the small size of the groups in advanced semesters, it is possible to start the program in either the summer or the winter semester. This enables intensive support and opens the doors doctorate programs. It is our goal to guarantee a well-rounded education, which is why we offer a wide range of possible minor subjects in the context of the Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degree programs. Additional courses, such as internships at major research institutions and in industry, language courses or “General Studies” (program) classes can also be recognized.


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