Program stucture – Master of Education Mathematics

The teaching degree program “Master of Education Mathematics” consists of Mathematics and one other specialist field. Mathematics can be combined with any other subject at the University of Mainz that is compatible with the respective degree. Besides attending courses on teaching methodology, students also register for Education Studies. The standard period of study is four semesters.

In the first two semesters, you will complete two compulsory elective modules covering any two branches of Mathematics (theme modules). In addition, you will attend a subject-specific lecture and an advanced seminar. In the third semester, you will attend the lecture “History of Mathematics”. You will also participate in an advanced seminar, geared towards thematically reinforcing your mathematical knowledge. In the fourth semester, you will attend a specialist lecture which focuses on one mathematical topic, as well as a close reading class on the history of mathematics.

Branches of mathematics (A/B/C) included in this degree program:

(A) Algebra, algebraic topology, algebraic geometry, number theory

(B) Differential equations, global analysis, complex analysis, functional analysis, differential geometry, mathematical physics

(C) Numerical analysis, stochastics

Theme modules

First to second semester

  • Specialization courses (lectures and exercises)
  • Selectable from all branches of mathematics

Teaching methodology

First to second semester

  • Conveyance of certain issues that may occur during mathematics classes in secondary education II (lecture and advanced seminar)
  • Didactics of Analysis, Didactics of Linear Algebra

Specialization modules

Third to fourth semester

  • Specialization courses (lectures and advanced seminars)
  • Selectable from all branches of mathematics

History of mathematics

Third to fourth semester

  • Overview of historical developments in geometry, algebra and analysis (lecture and reading class)

Study schedule (depending on whether you start in winter or summer term)

Studienverlaufsplan Master of Education Mathematik (bei Beginn im Wintersemester)
Studienverlaufsplan Master of Education Mathematik (bei Beginn im Sommersemester)


You will find more information on the modules and courses in the respective examination regulations and module catalog. All documents are available in the download center.