Program structure – Master of Science Physics

In the degree program “Master of Science Physics”, students will delve deeper into the basics acquired during the Bachelor program (specialization phase). During the subsequent research period, students will engage in a period of specialization that ends upon completion of the Master’s thesis. The degree program lasts four semesters (standard period of study).

During the first two semesters, students will expand their knowledge in experimental and theoretical physics. They will also participate in two seminars, two lab courses, and two specialist lectures (specialization phase). During the third semester, students will attend two seminars providing them with the specialized knowledge and various methods required for the Master’s thesis. The Master’s thesis and final oral examination are scheduled for the fourth semester (research period).

Übersicht Master-Vorlesungen Physik

Specialization phase

First to second semester

  • Specialization in experimental and theoretical physics (lectures and tutorials)
  • Specialized lectures and seminars
  • Advanced courses

Research period

Third to fourth semester

  • Specialization and methods (seminars)
  • Master’s thesis and final oral examination (colloquium)

Study schedule

Studienverlaufsplan Master of Science PhysikDetailed information on modules and courses is provided in the respective examination regulations and module catalog. All documents are available in the download center.