Teaching degree program Mathematics

We want “teachers to be able to promote students’ confidence and help them actively engage with mathematics so that they become motivated and efficient learners. We also hope that as a result of the teachers’ fascination for both mathematics and their students’ development, they will learn to cope with the various tasks in class.”

(An extract taken from the Minister of Education’s foreword to the current curriculum for mathematics at secondary schools)

Mathematics teachers require specialized knowledge, teaching-methodological knowledge and pedagogical knowledge. Students in the teaching degree programs and the science degree programs usually attend Mathematics courses together. In these courses, students acquire profound specialized knowledge. The purpose of teaching-methodology – taught by four teachers at the Institute of Mathematics – is to impart teaching-methodological knowledge. Practice-oriented modules in teaching-methodology are taught in innovative courses by, for example, secondary school teachers. Pedagogical knowledge is acquired in Education Studies where teaching degree students of all subjects are taught together.

In the teaching degree program at the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (JGU), it is possible to study almost every combination of subjects without course overlaps thanks to specifically coordinated schedules. Due to the fact that the Johannes Gutenberg University only offers a degree in secondary school teaching, students receive the ideal qualification for their future careers. Based on the right combination of professional skills and knowledge in the field of secondary school didactics, students will one day be in the position to prepare their very own students for university.

An unbureaucratic recognition system enables students to transfer to Mainz from other universities and transfer their credits acquired from semesters abroad.