Studying Abroad

Studying abroad with ERASMUS+

ERASMUS plusERASMUS is a university programme of the European Union, which exists since 1987. From Germany alone, more than 500,000 students have participated so far. Since 2014 the programme operations under the name ERASMUS+.

At JGU 618 students went to 172 different universities in 24 countries with ERASMUS+ in the academic year 2016/2017. All together they received financial support of 733,837 Euros.

Would you like to study abroad within the ERASMUS+ scheme? Faculty 08 maintains cooperations with 36 universities in 13 different countries. An overview on which department has cooperations with which university and who is the responsible departmental coordinator can be found on this interactive world map.

What do you have to do to become an ERASMUS+ student?

    1. Contact your departmental ERASMUS coordinator for your ERASMUS cooperation(s) of choice as early as possible. They will inform you about the number of available spaces, the necessary documents and how the process continues. Typically, you should get in contact before November for stays from approximately September to August the following year.
    2. Application: Hand in the required documents complete and on time. The exact deadline depends on the coordinator, but typically, this will be in December or January.
    3. Selection of candidates: When choosing candidates for the available ERASMUS spaces of faculty 08 academic performance, suitability (e. g. language skills) and motivation will be considered equally.
    4. Nomination: If your application was successful, you will be nominated at the partner institution by the departmental coordinator.
    5. Register at JGU's ERASMUS database before end of Feburary and secure your ERASMUS scholarship.
    6. Upon acceptance by our ERASMUS partner you might be asked to hand in further documents for your enrollment as an exchange students at the partner institution. This depends on the respective partner institution.
    7. Join the information event for nominated ERASMUS students held by the international office in spring each year.

The internatioanl office has compiled more information on ERASMUS.

Attention! Due to ongoing technical problems ERASMUS applications in Physics and Meteorology for the academic year 2020/2021 are no longer possible via the online application tool. Please hand in your application at your ERASMUS coordinator's office.


University Cooperations outside ERASMUS

JGU maintains a variety of interdisciplinary cooperations with universities all over the world outside the ERASMUS scheme. Besides that the departments maintain cooperations specifically for their subjects. Many of these cooperations comprise possibilities for studying abroad. If you have questions concerning these cooperations please contact the International Office.


Organizing your Stay on your Own

Of course you can also organize your own stay as a so-called 'free mover' outside the boundaries of existing cooperations. Such an individually organized stay gives you more freedom concerning where or how long to go but also means that you have to put in more effort in planning and organizing your trip, because there are no trodden paths which you can take. Important criteria for choosing a destination are of course your language skills as well as your countries of interest. You should also take into consideration the semester dates at the foreign institution and whether they are compatible with the dates at JGU, and what the host institution can offer you academically. Tuition fees might be a crucial point: While within cooperations tuition fees are most probably mutually waived, as a freemover you will have to keep an eye on how the university of your choice handles tuition fees for exchange students.


Further Information and Funding Options

  • Information on studying abroad in JGU's Study Portal- available in German only
  • Erlebe es! A campaign to foster studying abroad by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)- available in German only
  • Scholarship database by DAAD- available in German only
  • PROMOS scholarship by JGU Mainz- available in German only