Studying Computer Science at JGU

Computer Science is not just for nerds!

For a long time, computer scientists were commonly considered computer freaks and nerds. Nowadays, this stereotype is outdated. Computer scientists work in teams, communicate with clients, and present software solutions on-site at companies. Quite often, they present convincing, unconventional, and innovative ideas. Whether this is nerdy or just brilliant, is in the eye of the beholder.

Is Computer Science just for nerds?

Computer science is an engineering discipline that requires a systematic working method based on the scientific and technological state of the art. Therefore, profound theoretical knowledge is as crucial as field-tested methods, current techniques, and methods of operation. Computer scientists are involved in the analysis, specification and programming of large-scale systems. Software development in particular is a field in which IT specialists continuously face new challenges. Similar to other sectors, expert knowledge alone does not suffice to resolve problems even when they are discussed in project teams. Moreover, it is often difficult to comprehensively and persuasively communicate one’s own ideas, or to meet customer-specific demands. Computer scientists are no longer nerds and the same applies to the field of computer science which has found a central place in our society. Almost every area of our life, whether private or public, is actively affected by IT solutions.

Software, hardware and communications technology are concepts that have a ubiquitous presence in our daily lives: they can be found in bank payment transactions, automotive navigation and control systems, logistical information systems, animation and visualization of motion pictures and video games, in the field of medical engineering, and last but not least in the expanding supply of information on the Internet. Although there is a comparatively high number of male computer scientists, computer science itself is no longer a male-dominated field, as computers and information systems are used on a daily basis by both men and women today.

Why choose Computer Science?

On the one hand, Computer Science is a continuously changing and evolving subject. It is related to many other disciplines and manifold topics, so there is no time for boredom. On the other hand, the IT sector is a branch with bright future prospects. The demand for computer scientists is permanently high and well-paid jobs can be easily found. The Rhine-Main region in particular offers computer scientists a vast and an ever-expanding labor market. Computer Science students at JGU Mainz will easily find access to internships and jobs for working students at regional IT companies, as there are normally more job offers available than there are students.

It is our goal to lay the foundations for an interdisciplinary education, and therefore we provide a wide range of possible minor subjects related to our Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degree programs. Furthermore, we academically recognize internships at major research institutions and at economic or industrial companies, as well as language courses or activities within the General Studies program (Studium Generale), which is a universal range of courses offered at the JGU.

Studying Computer ScienceComputer science is the scientific and practical approach to computation and its applications. It is based on algorithms (multiple-step sets of operations designed to solve a problem). Mathematics is a fundamental basis of computer science (especially mathematical logic and discrete mathematics, whereas analysis and stochastics are less necessary). Nonetheless: Computer science is not mathematics! The field of computer science is dedicated to the development and the operation of IT systems, including daily applications such as flight reservations, account management, stock management and logistics, email, search engines, social networks, as well as automotive engine management, or computerized tomography in the medical field. Computer science is both a fundamental science and an engineering discipline. It provides the theoretical and methodological requirements which can then be transformed into technical solutions, systems and products. Therefore, computer science is included in the scientific and technical subjects combined under the acronym STEM (MINT): Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (Mathematik, Informatik, Naturwissenschaften, Technik). Computer science is not only a part of STEM, but has become its central element. The so-called MINT initiative promotes all of the above mentioned subjects (

Studying computer science isn’t easy. Future students should be skilled in mathematics, as logical thinking is essential. Furthermore, students will be faced with an extensive subject, so they should be diligent students. Computer science is a pioneering field, which means that computer scientists need to keep up with the newest developments and continuously expand their horizons even after successful completion of their degree.

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