Internships abroad


Internships abroad are most often more viable at short notice, than e.g. studying abroad. How much time you need beforehand depends on the employer and whether visa and/or work permit for an internship are needed in the country of your choice. Internships are offered on the company's website but it is also customary to apply on initiative. There are also organizations which offer to match interns and companies for internships. Watch out if money is required for the organization's services! If the internship is organized through an organization the time needed before you can actually start your internship can increase due to various application deadlines of the respective organization.

Generally, an internship should be paid, but depending on country and field of work sometimes it does not get paid or does not get paid sufficiently to support yourself. This is why there are funding schemes for internships abroad. The preparation time before starting the internship may be increased because of application deadlines for securing funding, too.


Further Information and Funding Options