Studying Meteorology at JGU

“And what is the weather going to be like tomorrow?”

20150331_mammatus-3-1024x768If you have decided to study Meteorology, you will regularly be asked this question. Yet the further along you are in your program, the more you will become aware of the fact that meteorology means more than just weather forecasts.

The Meteorology program at the Institute for Atmospheric Physics takes a close look at various physical, chemical and biological processes that occur in the atmosphere. Students will be taught about correlations leading to global climate, tornados, snow, rain, and numerous other phenomena. You will receive a basic insight into how dynamic processes can transport meteorological events from America to Europe, while the weather from China, for example, will never reach us.

For a first glimpse of the Meteorology program in Mainz, you can watch the following video:
Meteorology Quick Check at JGU (4:10 min/; only available in German)


Lean more about JGU! Watch the following video to learn more about JGU! (6:52 min/ (only available in German)