Program structure – Master of Science Computer Science and Economics

The degree program “Master of Science Computer Science and Economics” is an interdisciplinary program that combines Computer Science with Economics as a second specialization subject. The degree program lasts four semesters (standard period of study).

During the first two semesters, students focus on the basics of Economics in so-called adaptive modules. In extension modules, students delve deeper into the contents of qualifications already obtained in computer science either simultaneously or subsequently. Students will also attend additional courses at a Master’s level in computer science and economics as a part of their area of specialization. In the third and fourth semester, students will then attend the Master’s thesis seminar, and complete their Master’s thesis and the final examination (final modules). The Master’s thesis is usually based on current research topics and is written under the guidance of a Computer Science lecturer and a specialized subject lecturer. The Master’s thesis seminar will help students prepare for their research. Students will present and discuss these results in the final oral examination.

Adaptive modules (27 CP)

First to second semester

  • Attendance of basic lectures in Economics (lectures and courses)

Extension modules (24 CP)

First to third semester

  • Attendance of two specialized modules consisting of a lecture, a tutorial, a seminar and a lab course

Area of specialization (24 CP)

First to third semester

  • Attendance of Master’s level lectures in Computer Science or in the field of “Management and Logistics”
  • At least 12 CP must be obtained in “Management and Logistics”

Final modules (45 CP)

Third to fourth semester

  • Master’s thesis seminar, Master’s thesis and final examination
  • Under the guidance of a Computer Science lecturer and an Economics lecturer

You will find more information on the modules and courses in the respective examination regulations and module catalog. All documents are available in the download center.