Master of Science Meteorology

The Master’s degree program introduces students to modern research methods. In addition to deepening meteorological expert knowledge, a central goal is to enable students to perform scientific activities. Students will be awarded this qualification on successful completion of the Master of Science degree and the Master’s thesis.

The Master’s degree program is divided into two parts, that each last one year: the subject specialization phase and the research period. During the subject specialization phase, meteorological specialist knowledge will be conveyed on the basis of what was taught in the Bachelor’s degree program. The research period introduces students to independent scientific research. Besides working on a project during a research lab course, the central aspect of the research period is the Master’s thesis which must be completed within a timeframe of 6 months. In the Master’s thesis, students must prove that they are able to perform scientific research and also display key qualifications such as project management, teamwork, as well as the representation and presentation of scientific results.