Important contact persons

Consult this page to find important contact persons for your degree program


Student Advising Office (Studienbüro)

Ansprechpartner am Fachbereich 08Contact persons of the Faculty 08. The employees of the Student Advising Office serve as contact persons for any questions concerning courses and examinations. The Student Advising Office is in charge of administrating courses and examinations of the relevant degree programs in a subject. In addition, they issue any certificates and certificates of performance and enter recognized academic achievements into the system. Requests to the examination board, such as deadline extensions or medical certificates in the event of absence during examinations, can also be submitted to the responsible Student Advising Office.


Departmental Advisory Services (Studienfachberatung)

The Departmental Advisory Services are responsible for subject-specific support in terms of study content and structure, individual planning of your study schedule, as well as the recognition of examination prerequisites in case you decide to change your subject or university. Moreover, they advise students on the possibilities of studying abroad during the program.


Student Representatives (studentische Fachschaftsvertretungen)

The student representatives are the elected representatives of all students of a subject. The official designation for the student representatives is “Fachschaftsrat (FSR)” but it is not often used. The elected student representatives deal with all kinds of student issues, for example informing and advising from a student’s point of view about planning the study schedule and helping if you have any problems in your program. Also, they organize parties, various recreational activities and host the preliminary course for first-year students. Furthermore, they represent the students in various university committees.


Examination Boards (Prüfungsauschüsse)

As a committee, the examination board determines all issues concerning examinations for the various degree programs. The board is composed of representatives of group I (professors), group II (students), group III (research assistants) and group IV (non-scientific staff).