Program structure – Bachelor of Science Mathematics

The degree program Bachelor of Science Mathematics lasts six semesters (standard period of study) and consists of two parts: the introductory study period (Grundstudium) and the advanced study period (Hauptstudium).

During the first two semesters (introductory study period), students will learn the fundamentals of mathematics. The respective modules are compulsory. They are defined in the examination regulations and the module catalog. The first two semesters are nearly identical to the degree program “Bachelor of Education Mathematics”. This makes it easier for students to transition between the two programs. In the advanced study period (3rd to 6th semester), students choose courses according to their selected focus. The Bachelor's thesis and the final oral examination are scheduled for the 6th semester.


Introductory study period

First to second semester

  • Fundamentals of analysis, linear algebra and geometry (lectures, courses and lab courses)

Advanced study period

Third to sixth semester

  • Fundamentals of numerical analysis and stochastics
  • Specialization courses (lectures, courses, seminars and lab courses)
  • Bachelor's thesis and final oral examination

You will find more information on the modules and courses in the respective examination regulations and module catalog. All documents are available in the download center.