Information for first semester students

Important events start 3 weeks before the beginning of the lecture period. They must be attended by all first semester students.


Brueckenkurs MathematikOne of these courses is the “Brückenkurs Mathematik” (preparatory course in mathematics), formerly called “Vorkurs Mathematik”. It facilitates transition from school to university. The course is aimed exclusively at first semester students. It gives them the opportunity to refresh their knowledge and prepare for the lectures in the first semesters.

Studentische FachschaftThe student council (studentische Fachschaft) also organises meetings for first semester students during the preparatory course period. Thanks to these meeting, new students don’t just study and do follow-up work for the preparatory course in mathematics, but also get to know each other. In addition, advanced students provide valuable tips on daily life at university and in Mainz.

EinfuehrungsveranstaltungDuring the introductory week (the week before the beginning of the lecture period), each faculty or institute offers an introductory course for its first semester students. Lecturers provide them with all the necessary information on the start of the lecture period as well as on the degree program.

IMPORTANT: These events complement each other and are intended as a preparation for first semester students at the beginning of the lecture period. Please attend as many events as possible!

You can find additional information on the first semesters and your respective degree programs on the info pages “Information about the start of your program”.

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